Kokoro Dog Bed Black


  • Product Code: Kokoro1-black

699,00 kr


Kokoro pet beds can absorb your pet's odors and moisture in a natural way, so that they can sleep in a dry and healthy environment. Moisture absorbance also helps to avoid breeding ground for fungus, moths and bacteria growth.

The product comes in an elegant Danish design, with the cover made of 100% soft and durable cotton and internally inserted with activated charcoal bags. The beds can be placed in the living room, without providing bad smell to the family. The products have zips which conveniently allow removal of the activated charcoal bags for re-generation and separate wash of the cover. 

Kokoro bags can be used for at least two years, with regular “re-activation” of charcoal recommended by leaving the bags in natural sunlight or on top of household radiators for 2-3 hours, at approximately every two months.

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