Our Certificates

Zen Company strives to produce high quality and effective products which are 100 % nature based and environmental friendly.

Certificate of contens

Certificate of 100% natural and chemical-free products (Vinacontrol Laboratory, Vietnam):

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Certificate of adsorbance

Certificate of organic absorbance: 100 gram of our activated charcoal can adsorb 4-5 gram butane (Carbon Activated – Europe laboratory):

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The test results indicate an absorbance capacity, which is considerably higher than the indoor particle concentration in Denmark, also including episodes of high emissions, such as during cooking.*

Facts on micro-particles and the effect of our Activated Charcoal

  1. PM1 = micro-particles with diameter smaller than 1 micrometer. Such small particles can enter respiratory pathways and are related to lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  2. Volatile organic compounds contribute to a considerable concentration of PM1 in the atmosphere.
  3. A study indicated a concentration of 11 μg PM1 pr. m3 in a non-residential household in Copenhagen, Denmark (Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark, http://www2.mst.dk/)
  4. * Personal communication with Dr. Quynh Nguyen from the Air Quality group, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, Denmark.