About Zen Company

Zen Company is a company with a heart for health and wellbeing. We sell health-promoting products produced in conjunction with charity projects. By purchasing our products, you are also helping to support poor people in Vietnam.

We sell activated charcoal products which help remove odours, moisture and toxic particles in the indoor environment in a natural way.

Our products were designed in Denmark, bearing a Scandinavian trademark. The products originate from nature and they are environmentally friendly, chemical-free and allergy-free. 

The slogan of Zen Company is “From the heart”, which is also the meaning of the word “Kokoro” in our Kokoro product line. The passion and vision of our company is to create unique, sustainable, effective, user-friendly and high-quality products of Danish design.

Why activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is very effective in creating a better indoor climate, as it rinses and removes humidity. The charcoal is filled with tiny holes which collect bad particles. That’s why activated charcoal is the main ingredient in all our products, and with only a few product you can create a better home environment.

Who are we?

Mia and Linh got to know each other when they both came to Denmark from Vietnam 20 years ago.

The fascination with activated charcoal and the production of it started when Mia was in Vietnam in 2015. She had heard about the project “Green Bamboo” from a close friend who worked for the NGO GRET, who were behind the project.

Mia fell for the project right away and decided she wanted to develop an environmentally friendly product line with the activated charcoal.

Linh soon got inspired by Mia and was her loyal sounding board from day one, but after some time Linh decided to sell her sushi restaurant and become partner in the company.

In 2016 Linh travelled to Vietnam to look at the production and have the first prototype made. In march 2017 the first products landed.

‘Dragons’ Den’ investment

When the women behind Zen Company heard about the Danish version of the TV success ‘Dragon’s Den’, they quickly decided that that was what they needed:

“We strongly believe in our product and we are sure it has a huge potential, but we need a stronger network to get our products out there,” Mia and Linh say.

The business woman Ilse Jacobsen saw potential in the two entrepreneurs and their business and decided to invest in the company.

“We are very honoured that Ilse Jacobsen can see our potential and we look forward to having her as our investor and advisor.”